We all long for a healthy white smile. Our dreams have finally become a reality with the invention of Zoom. Zoom is the new-age technique used in the field of cosmetic dentistry to whiten the teeth. Zoom will help to transform your teeth into a pearly white texture. A new proven chemical formula will now enhance the color of the teeth making it appear naturally white and glowing.

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Why do we recommend Zoom Bleaching and what are its benefits?

According to research, some of the common reason for staining of the teeth are the usage of tobacco, excessive caffeine and cola intake, pharmaceutical drugs, and others. Most of the whitening techniques have also proven to be either used frequently or less effective which is why we recommend this innovative technique of teeth whitening.

  • Zoom would allow removing away stains from not only the natural teeth but also from restorations such as crowns and veneers.
  • The treatment borrows less time from the patient.
  • The results are long-lasting.
  • The procedure is safe and requires no application of dental sedatives.
  • The procedure can be performed on the complete set of teeth in one sitting.

What is the procedure for Zoom Bleaching?

This procedure will involve the application of a whitening gel whose major component is the chemical Hydrogen Peroxide. It is a bleaching agent, and when applied to the teeth the broken oxygen molecules will quickly act on the stained regions of the teeth. After the application of the gel, a Mercury halide light will be streamed across the teeth. This light will activate the oxygen molecules, acting as a catalyst to the whitening process.

It is recommended that the gel may be applied to healthy teeth and gum. Any signs that may show unhealthy teeth and gums would first be treated by the dentist before the procedure.

We will be diligent to ensure that our patients undergo a thorough check-up before indulging them in the procedure.

How to preserve the results of Zoom Bleaching?

It is vital to understand that any cosmetic procedure would insist the patient take extra measures to keep their teeth well-maintained and healthy. We suggest that the patient complies to have their teeth regularly flossed and brushed with anti-sensitivity toothpaste twice a day. For lasting results, it is highly recommended that patients undergo regular whitening process for a radiant and healthy smile.