Invisalign are clear aligners. The modern orthodontic aligner helps to rectify crooked and misaligned teeth by straightening them with accuracy and precision. Engineered with 3D technology, these compact and comfortable aligners are designed to suit an accurate treatment plan. Its removable feature makes it an efficient orthodontic device by ensuring oral hygiene and effective results to rectify a dull smile.

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How does Invisalign function?

Invisalign is engineered by using SmartTrack® material and SmartForce® features to create tray-like structures that efficiently fits into teeth. This feature helps to push teeth to its correct position. Being removable, Invisalign can be removed when you want to eat, drink or floss and can be placed back.

Why do dentists recommend Invisalign?

Dentists recommend Invisalign as they are a useful and better alternative to the conventional, traditional braces. They are ideal for patients belonging to any category of age. Invisalign is excellent for shifting and re-aligning teeth to its correct position. It also serves well by removing the gaps between teeth.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

The clear aligner has several benefits due to its patient-friendly features. Let’s understand the several advantages of Invisalign.

  • Invisalign has a smooth and compact feature making it comfortable to wear.
  • These aligners are removable making it easier to maintain oral hygiene and consume food of any type.
  • These non-metallic aligners don’t cause any irritation.
  • Its translucent nature makes it nearly difficult to notice. This helps to boost the patient’s confidence.
  • Lesser appointments.

Is the orthodontic aligner painful?

Invisalign is not painful, in fact, the compact nature of the clear aligner makes the orthodontic treatment more comfortable. Invisalign is suitable for teenagers, adolescents, and even adults. The clear aligners are nearly invisible making it hard to notice and comfortable to wear.

Invisalign for Teenagers

Teenagers can confidently smile during their orthodontic treatment with the help of Invisalign. By offering them with customized clear plastic aligners, patients can ensure that their teeth shifts during the specified period. The compact and smooth feature of Invisalign makes it comfortable to wear. Patients will not have to worry about loosening wires or bands.